Is it legal to smoke marijuana at the Hash Bash? - No, it is not legal (yet) to smoke marijuana at the HASH BASH. The event takes place on the campus of The University of Michigan and they enforce state law. But on city property it is not a crime it is a civil infraction. Every year the cops seem to nab a few folks during our ONE HOUR OF POWER! During 2002 the PO PO said the made 4 arrests during our ONE HOUR OF POWER, not that many for all the pot smoking that was going on....The reality is there are more of us then them. They can't arrest us all! But seriously, BE COOL! Don't give the cops shit and they will probably leave you alone. These guys hate the paperwork. We do realize that some of you will come and as an act of civil disobedience LIGHT UP A BIG STINKY FAT ONE. While at this point we can not endorse this we can pass on some pointers to keep you from getting busted.

Here they are:
It's not the puffin' it's that passn'..........Smoke your own, they watch for that "ear yer hit" passing of the jay.

You will notice that the cops seam to stay on the outer edges of the diag, this is a RUSE! They send in undercover pigs to find the pot smokers, signal the uniformed officers who walk over and arrest you. WATCH for non-pot smoking baseball cap wearing clean cut PIGS!

SMOKE OFF CAMPUS, the buzz will last for the "ONE HOUR OF POWER"